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Located in Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine, Paul Nichols provides a variety of services pertaining to Land  Surveying, Land Planning and Engineering. He is licensed as a Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

Land Surveying


Types of Surveys offered:


Boundary Survey:

The location of boundaries and improvements on the property.This usually involves boundary research, field measurments, drafting of a plan, and marking of the lines and corners


ALTA/ASCM Land Title Survey:

The survey of commercial property to assist the issuing of title insurance.


Conservation Easement Survey:

A Boundary Survey used to facilitate the creation of a Convervation Easement showing land excluded.


Topographic Survey:

The location of all natural and man-made features of the property showing elevations.


Subdivision Survey:

A Boundary Survey for the creation of new lots, including roads, utilites, and detailed construction information.


Construction Site Survey:

A Boundary Survey with additional design  information to be used for the construction of various improvements on the land.


Condominium Survey: 

A Boundary Survey of the land and buildings to be used for the creation of condominiums.


Mortgage Loan Inspection:

The location of improvements on the land for the purpose of obtaining mortgage title insurance. THIS IS NOT A BOUNDARY SURVEY.




Civil Engineering


Types of Design offered:


  • Roadway Design


  • Drainage Design


  • Sewer & Water Design


  • Utility Design


  • Site Design


  • Parking Design


  • Landscape Design


  • Individual Septic Design




Types of Permits we can assis with:


  •  Building Permits


  •  Wetland Permits


  •  Shoreland Permits


  •  Coastal Construction Permits


  •  Army Corps of Engineer Permits


  •  Flood Zone Permits


Others: contact or call

Land Planning


Site investigation for planning purposes:


  •  Boundary and deed research


  •  Utility research and location


  •  Road status & layout


  •  Wetlands & required setbacks


  •  Subdivision & Site Plan regulations


  •  Town land use ordinances


  •  General local policies


  •  State & Federal Land Use Laws






Feel free to contact Paul with your specific problems or concerns. He will do his best to help you or point you in the right direction. Basic consultation is free of charge.

Professional consultation is on an hourly  contractual basis.


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